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Halloween Boo Treats – Free Boo Poem and Boo Signs

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In early October a few years ago, my kids and were relaxing in the evening when the doorbell rang….when we opened the door, there were two little treat bags and this cool Halloween poem that brings the “secrete santa” spirit to the Halloween season.  My kids loved it, and every year since we have been upping our game and creating treats to “Boo” our friend, neighbors and cousins.  I have included the instructions and the poem on how to “Boo” and the “Boo” sign you will need to print both of these out and include them with your treats.

Boo Poem – Free Download (no advertising!)
Boo Ghost Sign (no advertising!)

Halloween Boo Treats

Halloween Boo Treats

Admittedly this is almost the same project as my previous post, but since we were in the rhythm and we weren’t giving these to same group, so be it.

Inspiration for these came from –

For these handmade card stock popcorn boxes I used my Cricut Expression with the Tags, Bags and More and Stretch Your Imagination cartridges.  I cut them at 6″.  I printed the card stock my self using Atomic Cupcake’s Haunted Twilight Scrapbooking Digital Kit (I ran it through my printer twice to get the double side effect.  I used the scraps and the non-pattern side of my printed card stock to create the spider.  The hat and shoes for the spider were just had colored in by me and the kids using a black marker.  The corners are embellished by my daughter using crystals we got at Michael’s.

I bought all the stuff at Target, but since they don’t have most of it online, you could complete this project from your craft room with out going to the by getting everything at Oriental Trading Company, I have put links to what I would substitute with (in fact I kind of wish I had done my shopping there.

For the candy we used the following (but there shouldn’t be any shortage of ideas in that department!):

  • Trolli Frite crawlers
  • Wonka Spooky Nerds and Sweettarts
  • Sour Punch Twists
  • Hershey’s Halloween Wrapped Mini’s – I loved these because they were wrapped in green, orange, purple and black foil – really shiny!
  • Palmer Double Crisp Monster Munny

Happy Booing!!

Please leave follow up questions or comments!


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October 9, 2009 at 8:12 pm