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Almost Candy-Free Unisex Birthday Favors

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Unfortunately I have been really sick the last few weeks, and my daughter’s birthday was on the 6th.  This is the first year I am not doing full on birthday bash.  We decided to take her to Disneyland and that I would do fun treats that we would work on together for all her friends.

It seems like most of my craft projects are always invites or favors and the way my family is I am always making at least 25 of the same thing.  So I like to hybrid the projects with scrapbook digital elements and paper to save costs and trips to the craft store.  Sara’s class has 30 kids so I needed to make 30 unisex birthday favors!!  In addition I don’t like giving just a bag full of candy, one type of candy/chocolate that was my guideline.  Here is what we came up with for goodies and the box.

Candy Free Kid's Birthday Favors

Candy Free Kid's Birthday Favors

I love the Tags, Bags and More cartridge for my Cricut Expression and I was intent on using one of the boxes on it, but being able to cut 2 on 12×12 card stock and still have a decent sized box.  The popcorn box could cut 2 at the 5 1/2″ setting and still be about 4 1/2″ high.

I downloaded the Affair To Remember and Perfect Party Pack digital scrapbook kits from We used the Perfect Party Pack to print out 60 mini candy bar wrappers, and I printed the striped pattern paper from the Affair To Remember.   Sara loved wrapping the chocolates – we had to remove the Mr. Goodbars, so we didn’t have peanuts.  We cut the Birthday Party Hats and Presents from the Potpourri Basket Cricut Expression Cartridge.

Goodies we included:

  • Z Wind Up toys in assorted colors and characters – fish, frogs, robots, dinosaurs.  I got mine at Kitson Kids, but I found them online here –
  • 2 different colors of modeling clay and directions on how to make a little clay characters – by Roseart @ Target (not available online)
  • Bright colored mechanical pencils – Target (not available online)
  • Camoflouge Chapsticks – Kitson Kids online at Patina Stores
  • Fruit Tape – Target
  • Hershey’s Minis wrapped with the candy wrappers – Target

Popcorn Box Supplies

  • Bazzil Cardstock from the Tropical Paper Pack
  • Diagonal Striped Paper from digital scrapbook kit: Affair To Remember
  • Cellaphane Baggies
  • Assorted Ribbon
  • Cricut Expression with the Tags, Bags and More and Potpurri Basket cartridges
  • Cellophane Bags are by Highland Supply Corp.  I get them a wholesale floral supply place called Shinoda Design Center in Orange County, CA

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October 8, 2009 at 2:19 am